A Word for you from a brother don’t fail in this test

January 17, 2021

Dear Sir / Madam

I hope you like what I have shared and you try it 

democracy in the United States Is very strong and very successful  , 

would like to encourage you to join these efforts and have positive view to things around you and be confident .

Conservatism movement have many good leaders and there new page and new start (very good new start )

that can build up (what is missing )

A critical Point 

what happened in Jan 6 wasn’t great ,that’s not the United States and that’s not the result of good election process

it is far from the (real concerns that we were hearing about )

IF You Interested in fighting corruption we have a good direction that have produce results

In 2 years there will be another election , in the same way we had in 2018 and the results was harder on GOP in 2018  and there were no wide complains.

next chance worth all your energy and your thoughts and to be on the right side 

All My Best