August 2, 2021

Good Morning Sir/ Madam

I hope you are doing well

i got some time yesterday to read in the history

History of china (specially ) and Vietnam 

Chine from the last impire (till 1911) and what came next till 1949 and Muo estblishing the china that we know now 

I read  about Taiwan and (commandant party )I hope i say it right

I know a little bit about Japan in this period of time 

I hope you will be able to start read in history these points 

Asia (china -japan big finger print and development of 3 generations )

Have a very nice morning and a good start of the week

all my best wishes for you  and also you wish me good luck and wish me to have the best if i am working for it and i deserve it 

once things will be well and go more smooth ,find people who is interested and think the same , we will meet ,  it may be in library and get to decide what we will do next 

you are going to give results , you are going to produce results , give real solutions

All My Best