comment on starting to build good structure for My Next Step To Understand In Depth Asia Region

June 12, 2021

I have shared this point with some valuable friends and I just couldn’t raise my head from what was keep coming 

like a container of ice just hit my face while i was sleeping 

some experiment hits you and  some experiments are for your own good (Thank God for the blessing, I am so grateful )

this structure may change it would be on good period of time (if things went good as I hope , I will be able to focus and finish that (it depends how much details do i need to draw what )

I got good experiment in middle east region so it will help and will be more professional 

with good trust I will be able to achieve Building the structure and achieve it and start building good and acceptable (let’s say ideas as start (what product you can achieve (goal is to WRITE SOLUTIONS)  ))

with that been said

we have some steps we made and we need to gather them in one place 

organizing points (short term projects and structural study )

June 12,2021