Comment on SUB-Project south china sea UNSC seasion

August 10, 2021

this one of the good resources to understand situation in south china sea (better than documentaries) but for challenging to solve ( we are going to to pick some books)

this library and i will review it as i didn’t got chance to get all of this materials (but i prepared the necessary library for this step)

as I would like to mention

I have no connect to any middle east communities and i had some that made issues in the past and untill recently

I have started good new page with from people from Asia 

but i have

people from  the middle east

2 creepy personalities with good corrupt communications that made poisonous and tricks has prevented this effort to grow as I want 

I am the person who is responsible for this effort and I am the person who is sponsor this effort

if any has spoken about  my websites or my efforts ,please come and read and to be honest

ask them what is the problems that they have solved 

life is nt perfect  you gotta hope for the best and be ready for the worst  

Thank you so much