Democrats pledge in the “2020 document” to return to the “nuclear agreement”

August 7, 2020


The American Democratic Party has drawn its foreign policy toward the Middle East for the 2020 elections on two principles: the American military withdrawal, and the return of debate and dialogue to the Iranian nuclear agreement from which the Trump administration withdrew. These democratic principles mean that the party will completely abandon the legacy and policy of President Trump, and return to what they called “nuclear diplomacy.”

The democratic draft (seen by “The Middle East”) that American and international media began to talk about, is a road map for what will be the agenda of the party that controls the House of Representatives in Congress, and White House policy if Democratic candidate Joe Biden wins, but it is subject to amendment so far. And the change, to be put to a vote at the end of August next month, at the party’s general conference before the start of the US elections in November.

The draft clearly explains its opposition to “regime change” in Tehran, which is contrary to the principles of the current US administration, which has long said that changing the behavior and policy of the Iranian regime is the goal of the maximum pressure campaign, and the economic sanctions imposed on the regime in Tehran, stressing the importance of restricting “aggression”. “Regional, ballistic missile program, local repression,” and launching efforts for diplomatic work in the region, which means that things will return to what they were during the previous administration of President Barack Obama.

The document, which came in 80 pages, outlined its plan in the Middle East on only one page, which is the last page, and dealt with the Iranian file in one long paragraph, in which it said: «Democrats will cancel the Trump administration’s policy of war with Iran, and give priority to nuclear diplomacy, and reduce escalation, And regional dialogue. We Democrats also believe that the United States should not impose regime change on other countries, and that it rejects it as a goal of US policy toward Iran.

The document also sees that the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal signed by the Obama administration is still the best way to cut off all verifiable Iranian paths to obtain a nuclear bomb, and that it was a mistake for Trump to withdraw from it, believing that President Trump is isolating Washington from its allies, that is, European countries, and opening the door for Iran to resume its march toward obtaining nuclear weapons capability, which was suspended by the joint comprehensive plan of action, and for these reasons, Democrats see the return to mutual compliance with the agreement as “very urgent”.

The document added: “The nuclear agreement was always intended to be a beginning, not an end to our diplomacy with Iran, as the Democrats support comprehensive diplomatic efforts to expand restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program and address Iran’s other endangered activities, including its regional aggression, its ballistic missile program, and domestic repression.” .

She stressed that the time has come to turn the page on two decades of widespread military deployments and open wars in the Middle East. This does not mean that the United States will abandon a region in which it still has partners and permanent interests; But it is time to rebalance its tools, participation, and relations in the Middle East, away from military intervention, and this will result in “pragmatic diplomacy”, which seeks to lay the foundation for a region more peaceful, stable, and free.

Regarding the relationship with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Democrats also believe that they need to reset their relations with “our Gulf partners” in order to improve their interests and values, as the United States has an interest in helping its partners deal with them, and facing legitimate security threats, and the document indicated support for I called it “political modernization,” and it did not explain what that modernization is, in addition to economic modernization, and encouraging efforts to reduce regional tensions.

She commented on the current US administration’s dealings with Middle Eastern countries with “the era of blank checks”, or indulging in authoritarian impulses and internal rivalries, ending the agency’s wars, and efforts to defeat political openings across the region, considering that effective relations with the Gulf states will help them to reconnect Iraq With his neighbors, and to protect the country’s stability, security, and sovereignty.

As far as military training programs and the military presence in Iraq are concerned, they will remain, in order to train its Iraqi partners so that they can ensure the permanent defeat of ISIS, declaring its support for continuing the attack on ISIS in Syria, to prevent it from regaining a foothold there. It also declared support and stand by the Kurds and other important partners in that battle, the repatriation of foreign combatant detainees, the revitalization of diplomacy to protect the humanitarian needs of all Syrians, as well as a political solution to this horrific Syrian war.

As for the Israeli side, the Democrats believe that a strong, secure and democratic Israel is vital to the interests of the United States, stressing their commitment to Israel’s security, military unity, and its right to defend itself.

The democratic document for 2020 added: “The 2016 Memorandum of Understanding was strict regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as Democrats recognize the value of every Israeli and every Palestinian, and for this reason we will work to help end the conflict that has brought so much pain, and to support the negotiated two-state solution, which It guarantees the future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state with recognized borders, and in return supports the right of the Palestinians to live in safety and freedom in a viable state of their own. ”

Democrats oppose any unilateral steps by either side, such as annexation and settlement expansion, considering that they undermine the prospects for two states. Democrats will continue to stand against incitement and terrorism, but the document did not comment on President Trump’s move regarding Jerusalem, as the document said that Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and there will be negotiations on its final status, as it is a city that is not divided among the people of all religions.

The democratic document that will be put to the vote has pledged to restore US-Palestinian diplomatic ties and vital assistance to the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza, in accordance with US law, as well as against any effort to unfairly discriminate and delegitimize Israel, including at the United Nations or Through the boycott movement, divestment and sanctions.

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