Good Neews From Paris

December 11, 2023
  1. Paris will support the development of a “cargo spacecraft” and the market need for it may be great civilly and militarily.
  1. Macron: Paris will support the development of AFP French President Emmanuel Macron said France would support the development of a cargo spacecraft capable of transporting cargo to space stations in the future, and that the market “could be large, both with its civilian and military needs.”
Presenting new areas of development of the “France 2030” investment plan dedicated to innovation in Toulouse, the French president stressed “the need to participate in this competition, but in the same way, the method of launching pads, by opening the way for private initiatives and allowing bets involving the greatest risks”, since out of the 54 billion euros allocated to “France 2030”, 1.5 billion euros were allocated to space, which allowed the creation of eight projects to launch small platforms and small reusable rockets. and four other constellation projects.