Have a very nice morning

May 25, 2021

Dear Sir /Madam 

I hope you are doing well

I have some of the previous topics that i have written and because i want be positive and builds on good basics i shared for  a few time and closed it.

home work for me 

i will try to find it and if i don’t  I am sharing it 

when you do something wrong don’t think it is going to be hidden , it will be known. Because it is shared when some do it,

almost 2 years ago and the topics is 2 years ago

with confirm that today i discover better and i prove the idea better 

if we are having something to share today , i was honest in asking about it 

asking for my friend to help (that i got some kids to be send when i go for the sign ) or  others that wouldn’t make any possible chance to get answer

and recently i did it and it was shared ,if we have something to share, then 

i made it direct and i was honest in the question .

some have creating big doubts

some play politics

there is still a lot of work to do 

I am committed to win this thing 

these topics are old last year 


Documenting April 2020 – What I stand for


U.S. lawmakers urge Egypt’s Sissi to release prisoners – What I stand for


temp – What I stand for


4 may 27  2020

(updated) Thank you – What I stand for


I have a lot of work to do ,do the work first then talk

thanks for being patient and for being fair