How Money (investments ) move between countries and in and out Asia Region

June 12, 2021


Based on my knowledge  while i start this step for the economic part (start point)

after WWII Japan Main Power defeated and started economic revolution as they were rising up there were also a rise up in other countries 

there was huge conflict (Korean war )  and  we saw south Korea and China as rising power (specially in economy )

(I believe there are 7 countries or more that have a good and stable growth in their economy (China ,Japan , Singapore ,Malaysia ,Indonesia ,Australia ,South Korea ) there may be more 

So Far

How many rich and corporate are investing in your country

currency strength 

Stock Market

Capital Flow

(different economic industries and diverse (tourism ,shipping logisitcs ,tech ,manfacture agriculture ,military ,others )

cash reserve 


Some evaluations to country debts that affect their (sovereign debt)


The report analyses the inner workings and rating implications of dollarisation and focuses on the five dollarised sovereigns rated by Fitch: Andorra (BBB+/Stable), Ecuador (B-/Stable), El Salvador (B-/Negative), Panama (BBB-/Negative) and San Marino (BB+/Negative).

Link Fetch Rating


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and we will discover more while we work 

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