(nikkei)Commentary on “Population and Economy Changing View of Investment” Video Tell me the world of money, Mr. Takai

January 15, 2022

Rapid fluctuations in prices during the recovery process from the new coronavirus disaster are shaking the world economy. In the United States, historically high inflation will continue due to labor shortages and supply constraints. In China, where the economy slows, the inflation rate in 2021 was the lowest level in 12 years. Due to the slowdown in investment in fossil fuels for decarbonization, resource prices continue to rise, and the distortion of price turmoil has become a risk to the world economy.

How will the perspective of economic growth and investment change if the world’s population peaks out? Vital statistics are a major factor influencing the global economic structure and growth stages of each country. Just as the Japanese economy, which has entered an era of depopulation, is struggling, how to maintain growth as the number of “workers” decreases becomes a serious issue.

A veteran reporter, Mr. Takai, will explain the population problem from the perspective of investment, centering on the charts in the Nikkei electronic version of the series “Population and the World.”

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