P30 First step indetail to Asia Countries (Sri Lanka)

July 15, 2021

Dear Sir/ Madam
I hope you are doing well

I have finished today this part as I am moving forward with my intention to finish what I have started 

I have chosen this country because it is island and i thought it easy to study 

I finished the basics today (this going to take good time ) after we finish these cycle 

we will see the product of this knowledge

finish the work then start talk

I would say I have mad good efforts related the Africa and middle based of what I have gained in almost 39 years

I t was helpful ,I have been a prat of good change .

recently,things changes   

I have no connections to any group from the middle east  ,sometimes I see some connection.

when things goo smooth and we reached a good point to be able to meet 

we are ready to meet ,we will get to meet in library

Some has taking advantage of some situations (that’s I am confident of )  and wasn’t helpful and I want to get red of them 

I am going to build my group and I am going choose my team and we will build what we are going to do next .

(you are going to be for producing results)

you are going to give Results