Personal favour

August 10, 2019

Dear SIr /Madam

I hope you are doing well

I have some people that has created issues and keep doing this

now i am trying to leave this place and get another place

i got one place from gestabo (old german intellegence and guy from middle east ) and five rooms are occupied and no one there 

it is possible but not confirmed

Please if they  send you  to this website as whatever

I have no problems ,but i recorded it and people  knows i record it ,it would happen

please be aware if someone talked to you ,

be normal and dont get words from  people who are already source of issues that I have

this is an old post.

1-i KNow when i met a guy called gestabo 

2-Monica and behavior in Giant and near my work(i did good thing in spanish community and social worms who have no manner jumped in and left hatred behind ,i did nothing bad for this people and it the behavior that i record it show exactly how they recruit and how they leave their finger print ,I will consider play a better role in these networks and find these behaviors and who is responsible about it 

3 the girl (two times ,when things are going well ,they play this)

4-laundry in fair oaks mall,it is laundry

5-the pharsi guy 

very long long long list of problems i record it

if you would like to read it

the other guy that i have seen him in tyson corner

that’s his pic

Why I am out

so i dont keep loop in personal problems ,your support is very urgant to be productive again

to get out of their hatred atmosphere that they created in the community and in place of my work.

Masters in playing the victim role ,masters in covering their game 

contact me on my email if someone reached you and I will let the autherity know 

even if he is offecial

my email

Please be confident ,i have no problems ,I do expect to do well , i need to leave this place and get some privacy to my work and my self.

I prey for God to help me with this and I hope you will support me 


Got anyone contact you  for anything 

plz contact me on my email ,plz share the conv with with me.

I have no issue and I am in good standing position , I am going to do better in my work and share with my community, and build these networks on better foundations.

I will appreciate your support in this time , I will really appreciate take my request in consideration and have to move with better people where place i can stay with privacy