Specially for Latino community (positive with critics)

October 1, 2020

To my brothers and sisters in Latino community

I hope  this words find you well

as we are  immigrants and we came from countries where our rights was taken and there were a lot and a lot of corruption and a future are not promise us a lot in our original countries ,we are blissed to be here , 

Seeing the activity that have to people who seek asylum as start and being so tough in the speech for immigrants 

I have joined the democratic party because of this speech

then what came after this  news like this one

Six migrant children have died in U.S. custody. Here’s what we know about them

  • 1-The United states is going to make immigration reform (for sure ) (it is so important who is going to do this )
  • 2- these news has stayed for a while and then a lot of efforts has changed it

with the democratic party it is going to be much easier and less deportation, and more care to human rights 

Latino community is good presence in some of swing states and we would like to see you go and vote in this very important election

take this day off from everything , do this for your future and your family and your chance (the other side specially Advisor Miller ) is not gurantee and is not predictable also

with your vote and your support we are not going to read news like this , better immigration reform .

so you can do it , and it is a chance in your hand and you don’t need  to ask any one so please take full advantage of it and vote , vote .

Novemebre 3rd Tuesday 


This House Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

2nd  one

Congress Man Elijah Cummings on family separation


I hope my critics is reasonable and acceptable

Go and vote , make it much easier and more predictable 

All My Best