(TEAPARTYPAC)What Is QAnon, The “Conspiracy Theory” That The Mainstream Media Seems Intent On Demonizing?

January 16, 2021

(Tea Party PAC) – You may have heard of QAnon or “Q,” the mysterious movement among Trump supporters that has found a home on social media and internet message boards in a time when so many patriotic Americans yearn for justice and a return to the American way after what seems like decades of disturbing corruption at the highest levels of government.

If you are are curious as to what QAnon is, exactly, read on.

When you attempt to do a quick Google search on Q, you may be surprised to find that it is actually mainstream media outlets that populate the top results of apparent explanations as to what the Q movement actually is.


Of course, even if you have the stomach to read those articles they won’t actually give you a lot of information, and if they did you could hardly trust what they said.

However, some scrolling down will eventually get you to youtube videos by “Praying Medic”, a self described “Q researcher” and obviously a Q enthusiast. This YouTuber has established himself as a Q expert of sorts, and can give us a good working explanation for what, exactly, Q is.

According to “Praying Medic,” who shows Q’s posts in his videos, the figure known as “Q” first left an anonymous message on 4chan (and has since moved to 8chan) in October of 2017, claiming to have a Q level security clearance in the federal government.

Q’s most notable assertion is that he, or they (Q might be a group of people) have evidence that people such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George Soros are guilty of such crimes as mass human trafficking, drug trafficking, murder, and treason.

So all this begs the question, why would outlets like the Washington Post cover this, and why would they associate it with Trump and his supporters?

Well, perhaps because there actually are people wearing “Q” shirts and holding “17” signs (“q” being the 17th letter of the alphabet) at Trump rallies, “Praying Medic” and all the other “Q” believers I could find online are all Trump supporters. Why? Because “Q” also says that president Trump is going to save the world.

That’s right.

According to “Q” and his followers, a handful of patriots in the upper echelon of military intelligence had been gather information through the NSA, and contacted Donald Trump to ask him to run for president in an effort to regain control of this country without the use of force.

With the information and power of military intelligence, coupled with president Trump’s lawful control of the Executive branch, they plan to bring to justice numerous people in our country and around the world that have together, not only to enriched themselves at the expense of those they were required by law to represent, but also for “pure evil”.

The allegations “Q” levels against the likes of former president Obama and twice-failed presidential candidate Clinton don’t end with falsifying FISA warrants, “Q” accuses “these people” (with a surprising amount of odd circumstantial evidence) of actual evil, going as far as sacrificing children to Satan.

If that sounds familiar you might be remembering “pizzagate,” another “conspiracy theory” involving democrats at high levels trafficking children for sexual exploitation and Satanic sacrifice. There was even a questionable shooting at the pizza parlor implicated by the conspiracy theory, complete with a suspect that was radicalized on Reddit message boards, which originated from allegedly coded messages in the hacked Podesta emails.

Unlike the pizzagate enthusiasts, those that have an interest in “Q” have not run out of fresh material.

“Q” continues an intermittent stream of messages on 8chan (available for those less brave followers qmap.pub, as 8chan can be a particularly shocking place as nearly all manner of graphic content is allowed).

Q keeps an ever growing number Trump supporters waiting with baited breath for more cryptic innuendo involving sealed indictments of high level democrats, dropping new predictions on and revelations into the ongoing Spygate conspiracy, and once supposedly seemingly predicting the death of Sen. John McCain down to the minute.

With possible criminal prosecutions of the yet untouchable Clinton cabal being a tangible reality for Trump supporters and a palpable fear for those that might get caught up the “investigation of the investigators”, believe it or not, “Q” is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Followers rely on a growling list of “Q proofs,” instances occurring in the news or coded messages in the President’s tweets seemingly appearing in the President’s tweets to prove that Q posts are indeed reliable.

Perhaps you’ll find the theories compelling, perhaps you’ll think its rubbish, but one thing is clear: Trump is going after all these people with whom there is a constant shroud of corruption, abuse of power, and aspiring authoritarianism so whether or not Q is reliable or just some overzealous Trump fan, a lot of what he is exposing is definitively true either way.

And the fact that the mainstream media is demonizing this movement, intent on undermining the claims made by Q followers, just might tell you everything you need to know.

It’s a growing movement that the mainstream can’t ignore.

What do you think of Q?