Some Comments

October 14, 2020


I think I am right

I am confident That I am doing very well

it was good way to discover things and I hope you like it with other points

Learn And observation is the best thing you would get , 

things are going fine , you are taking a good course it bring some heat but on overall 

(respects the talent of people is the highest respect and they will like you for that )

I hope you like NYT Prime report

A Problem Solver Can (we did it and we are doing it and we will do it) Achieve and solve several issues in same time

the best one is who can make it in advance 


things are fine , I got positivity with group of people , I got positivity with another group of people 

both of this group have gap / issue / Line 

drop a Question that get the line 

since the question may be there , you may need to answer it (Good Politician know  How they go around it )

Something I would like to learn .

May be you do like the same 

This My opinion, I think I ma right but It is possible that I am wrong ,without putting this out, I may never know .

it is better to go for it )  




My full respect to every one and all my best wishes to every one

thanks for freedom of speech 

I hope I am doing well , if I do encourage me by sharing my website , it is welcome to hear your comments

Thank you