Top 10 Christmassy Towns in Asia (Merry Christmas to Asian Community )

December 25, 2021

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Cities in Asia are multicultural and very open, embracing the Christmas spirit. However, the holiday gives an excuse to hit the shopping malls and restaurants. Check out this list of great towns in Asia, that will welcome you with the Christmas lights and spirit.

10. Jakarta, Indonesia

Christmas is being celebrated in the Muslim country and one will be pleased this find shimmering Christmas decorations, music and spirit.


9. Beijing, China

The city that never sleeps and you can be reassured that everything will be open during Christmas in Beijing. It is the shopping peak season in the city and all the department stores as well as boutiques are prepared for eager customers, looking for the best gifts.



8. Bali, Indonesia

The tropical island is a favorite holiday destination in the country. Lush greenery, pristine beaches and impeccable resorts make in number one holiday spot for travelers from around the world. During Christmas the resorts make sure to create the proper spirit and provide various romantic as well as festive offers.


7. Seoul, South Korea

The hip city really embraces the Christmas spirit! The city hall gets a huge Christmas tree, Christmas markets provides a variety of offers, food and entertainment and the snow sledding field welcomes those, who are eager to have some proper winter fun. Also numerous shows, concerts and festivals will amuse the locals and city guests.

Seoul-Photo by Matt MacDonald
Seoul-Photo by Sungjin Kim

6. Maldives

Another great spot if you want to escape the crowds and shopping, avoid entertaining and loud shows and just idly relax on the beach. The hotels will provide world-class service during Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, allowing to have a worry-free holiday.



5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Warm weather persists during the winter season here in Malaysia, nevertheless the city creates a festive mood despite the fact that there is now snow and will never be any. The streets and shopping malls are decorated in thousands of shimmering lights and Christmas trees are also put all around the city.


Kuala Lumpur3
Kuala Lumpur2

4. Taipei, Taiwan

The beautiful city, surrounded with staggering nature, and boasting tall skyscrapers, starts preparing for the holiday season in late November. Restaurants and hotels offer festive dishes, shopping malls get their decorations out and offer good deals for the international community as well as the locals, who embrace the spirit.


Taipei-Photo by Richie Chan
Taipei-Photo by Edl Para
Taipei-Photo by dans
Taipei-Photo by Ted Yen

3. Hong Kong, China

The busiest city in Asia is the center of business, modern art and gigantic architecture. Multicultural city is inhabited by millions of people of all faiths, Christians are no exception. There are even Church services held in Chinese. And of course no wonder that a lot of effort are put into Christmassy decorations.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong-Photo by William Ho

Hong Kong2

2. Tokyo, Japan

Japanese have totally embraced the Christmas spirit – each year the shops, hotels, city streets and squares dress up in fantastic decorations. This year the spectacular Christmas tree and other sculptures, made of thousands of LED lights, attract the locals and guests to the Starlight Garden in Tokyo Midtown.


Tokyo-Photo by Hiro Kurashina

1. Singapore

It is a big celebration in Singapore and it is said that Christmas here gives locals an excuse to enjoy their favorite activities – eat and shop! Needless to say that shopping malls are at the top of their game and pull their prettiest decorations out.