(UK)Prevent staff supposed to monitor Fishmonger’s Hall double murderer Usman Khan

October 20, 2020
  • Usman Khan, 28, killed Saskia Jones, 23, and Jack Merritt, 25, November 2019
  • Prevent officers from Staffordshire said they had no convicted terrorist training 
  • The terrorist was found in a dark room with Xbox games two weeks before attack
  • Khan had been assessed as the ‘highest level of risk’ with 22 licence conditions

The Prevent team dealing with the Fishmongers’ Hall attacker had ‘no specific training’ in handling convicted terrorists, a court has heard.  

Terrorist Usman Khan, 28, killed Cambridge University graduates Saskia Jones, 23, and Jack Merritt, 25, during a prisoner rehabilitation event near London Bridge on November 29 last year.

Khan, who was armed with two knives and wore a fake suicide vest, was tackled by members of the public with a narwhal tusk, a decorative pike and fire extinguisher.

The attacker, who had been living alone in Stafford, was then shot dead by police on London Bridge. 

At a pre-inquest hearing today, lawyer for Mr Merritt’s family Nick Armstrong, suggested there was already evidence of a ‘systemic problem’ as ‘all the Prevent officers from Staffordshire’ said they had ‘no specific training in handling terrorist offenders’.  

He told the court that the monitoring of Khan had been ‘handed over by West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit to the Staffordshire unit for reasons that remain to be explored and all of them are saying they have no specific training.’   

Henry Pitchers QC, for Ms Jones’s family, pointed out that Khan had been assessed as the ‘highest level of risk’ and had 22 licence conditions on his release.  

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