What I stand for camping (preparation)

April 5, 2022


I hope this topic will gain your interests and see if we can make things work together in similar way that this effort went in the last few years.

I started my website as an introduction to change that I wanted to see in the community and as someone tasting freedom and speaking without fear.
I have grown to know my community better and get a chance to be part of a dialogue[be part ] that may run through interesting ideas that attract the public and express their look to the future.
I look proudly at my efforts and to my website and I am inviting you to visit my website and give it a try.
Your opinion is very welcome and will help us to do better.

It will be so important to get connected directly 

This is my blog , you can share your opinions in my social profiles  ,let’s get contact directly.

if we are going to start talk about the bad effect of let’s say other groups  or the others we are going to lose focus of what we are trying to achieve .

More fair society

where trust can be built and more shared activity in the  community that increase trust and strength relations 

Praise values and traditions ,that been for a long time for a reason , here in the US we can take advantage of multicultural society to learn more about each other and learn from it How to get the best of us 

Have Active Rule in Decision making process

the very simple way is to get connected with your representative on the state and congress 

know more about Think Tanks ,Know for facts (truth) The Us rule in the world 

The prowar of Knowledge 

know the value of knowledge , reading more , now the basics of how to make successful research 

getting results , it is important to get results.

can easy improve your knowledge to challenge the problems that may come up, and find solutions   

have a message in life that part of it Human rights and freedom

Know where Hate came from and to stay away from the source of Hate 

Be Creative

be creative , show productivity , be flexible to get common ground that offer a ground to build agreement or can narrow the differences or  draw the road to solutions .

Track development

track development of your progress and your projects progress and can build multiple projects around once concept that over all give solution can build up to more than one problem (means effort that is made can help is solve several problems in the same time , this come with tracking your development and and you are able to build serval project connected …..

Fallow the news and pick the credible resources 

Get library card and interact with library activities 

Practice your freedom of speech , after you gain a good knowledge , give an honest opinion

ALL the best