Adding the muslim brotherhood to terrorist list

June 16, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam


I hope you like this part ,that you donot know about MB

I will add a cmplet e version in 2 days


Muslim brotherhood and strong relation with Iran

1 Hamas is MB in Palistine and has good connection and person who receive funds from Iran

for good amount of time

2- we have Mr Morsi first visit to Iran and first speech there

3 we have Mr Negad (frmr Iran President visit to Egypt

4 we have Islamboly (SAdat killer )who has been honoured by Iran ,and IN Oct ,2012 

5-we have first 2 or 3 war ships to pass through the suez canal (as far it is on the news)

So We have  a connection between the muslimbrotherhood and Iran

we can dig more , and that’s what I am going to do.