Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz on Attacking Catholic church

October 31, 2020


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz has confirmed his country’s determination to fight “political Islam” after a group of young people attacked a Catholic church in the Austrian capital Vienna.

“All Christians must have the possibility to worship freely and safely in Austria! “We will continue resolutely to fight political Islam and will not show any false tolerance here.”

He was commenting on an attack on a Catholic church in Vienna on Friday night.

Austrian media, citing police officials, reported that about 50 young men of Turkish origin attacked the church, chanting the words “God is greatest”. The attack resulted in material damage to the church, which was closed for security reasons following the attack

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Islamists: Attack on church in Vienna favourites

Nearly 50 Turkish youths entered the church, shouted “Allahu Akbar” and stepped against the confessional.

As a result of the dispute over Muhammad cartoons in France, an attack on a church may have taken place in Vienna.” Nearly 50 people are said to have entered the Antonskirche in Vienna on Thursday evening. There they are said to have rioted and kicked against benches and the confessional.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV footage showing young people looking southern, according to the police report. The deputy pastor called the police, but by the time they were there, the youths had already fled.

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