Austrian newspaper: Corona leads the Middle East to the abyss

October 29, 2020

Poor or rich countries have not been spared the Coronavirus,but the countries in the Middle East, which were essentially in a bad economic situation, are now on the brink. The Austrian newspaper Der Standerd began its report on the consequences of the Corona pandemic on the crisis-filled region.

Under the title: “How did Corona lead the Middle East to the abyss?” The newspaper highlighted some Arab countries, such as Iraq, which has forced the measures to combat the Coved 19 epidemic of usual distance rules and assembly restrictions, according to the report.

The newspaper added that Baghdad carried controversial pictures of young people who recently took to the streets again in memory of the protests that toppled the Iraqi government, pointing out that Iraqis are now flocking not only to demonstrations, but also to religious events, which aggravates the dramatic scene related to combating the epidemic.

The report noted that Iraq is one of the countries most affected by the Corona pandemic in the region, and although the Kurdish north is the best organized and medically supplied, the virus is also spreading there.

The Austrian newspaper saw that the countries of the Middle East and North Africa do not make comparisons between the numbers of tests and infections, and the numbers of deaths due to corona and the numbers of intensive care beds, unlike the countries of Europe, which are fighting the epidemic systematically.

For example, Iran has always been confirmed to be publishing unreliable official data, and iranian hospitals have been officially assured of reaching their peak capacity, with local partial closures continuing until November 20, including dozens of cities.


U.S. sanctions on Tehran, reimposed in 2018, have had a devastating impact on the health sector, as it now suffers from a shortage of medicines such as insulin, and according to The Economist, the Islamic Republic has a shortage of hospitals and doctors.


In the past few weeks, Iraq’s economic outlook has been depressed despite its vast oil reserves, and the Iraqi economy may contract by more than 12% this year, as the price of oil continues to fall after the epidemic, so Iraq will not recover quickly due to the economic downturn caused by Corona around the world.


The report noted that the economic downturn, of course, also applies to other wealthy oil states, as they also suffer from gaps in the public budget due to the pandemic.

According to the newspaper, there is no country spared from this, not even the rich countries in the Arabian Gulf, which, despite imposing swift measures at the beginning of the epidemic, has not been able to suppress the outbreak of Corona,and foreign labor has recently been affected in the Gulf states, but in the past few weeks, some of these countries have been slowly reopened.

Social stigma

According to independent eyewitnesses, the situation in Yemen is catastrophic, because the health system was basically collapsed before the epidemic began as a result of the war, so it is impossible to measure the extent of the outbreak in a country where there is virtually no testing and treatment, and there are also repeated reports that the disease is seen as a “social stigma” by the houthi authorities religiously extremist, and in Sana’a patients are abducted and hidden, where authorities believe they can eliminate the virus in this way.

The newspaper once again touched on Iraq, describing the death of a doctor treated by the death of a young man inCorona,as grotesque.

Given the situation in Israel, it was the first in the world to enter a second shutdown, but all of Israel’s neighbors are also affected, such as Jordan, which imposed a weekend ban, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, which is on the brink of economic abyss, and Syria, a country of civil war, where no one believes the statistics from these countries.

The flourishing of repression

“Corona compounds the widespread scourge swells in the region, including the lack of democracy, as there are laws in those countries that can be used against anyone who criticizes the authorities