(CNN)Stranded dog lured to safety by sausage dangling from a drone

January 23, 2022

(CNN)Volunteers have rescued a runaway dog from dangerous mud flats — by luring her to safety with freshly cooked sausages tied to a drone.

Millie, a rescue dog, slipped her collar and went missing on Thursday, January 13 while out for a walk in Hampshire, southern England.
Alerted by her worried owner, volunteer organization Denmead Drone Search and Rescue (DDSAR) set up a drone to track Millie.
After covering a large distance, the dog became stranded on mud flats that can flood in high tide, 20-year-old DDSAR volunteer Stefani Dennis told CNN.
Volunteers initially set about on foot, and on kayaks, to try to get close to Millie, who is a jack russell whippet cross.
The coastguard, fire services and the police also tried to help catch her, said Dennis.
But because she was so spooked, efforts to get close to her risked pushing her even further away and potentially into danger.
A drone shot shows Millie stranded on the mudflats.
The team tied the freshly cooked sausages to the drones, and dangled them above Millie.
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