Documenting April 2020

April 10, 2020

Dear Sir / Madam

I hope you are doing well

I had group of people yesterday , and nothing has change they are the same as they were 2016 and the are same now and even after these days.

Just don’t be stumbling block to the others and love what you want to your self to the others and you will have it

they don’t necessary to have to lose ,(you don’t know everything about them),wish well to the others and you will get your wishes

the power of sharing in the right way (saying this and doing it

doing the right thing in the right way and being out for the right reason ), will give internal peace, will be better choice

this is not an issue can be solved from outside you but when you sit-down with your self and thing about

the friends that you have or what ever are there worst if the outcome of you will be like this

thanks for the pain in 2016 and the pain in 2019 till now

God will be fair with you

I am not going to do anything else for  your excellency

we are group up and if hatred is a hatred call ,simply why did you picked it up

that’s it (these are choices  ) , whatever left, is okay



I am so proud of this effort and of all what I have achieved , and I will continue

be cautious when you pick up your friend ,be cautious when you pick up your friend and see what is the result of your hand work


there always blessing in any experiment (the experiment that doesn’t kill you will make you stronger).

God bless you ,stay safe and be blessed