How to Write a Press Release?

April 8, 2022

Ready to start writing good press releases?

How to write a press release step-by-step
Choose the angle that matters for your target audience
Understand the press release structure
Start with a well-thought-out headline
Pay attention to a lead paragraph
Cover the essentials in a few body paragraphs
Consider adding quotes
Include contact details
End your press release with a boilerplate
Make sure to double-check everything
Decide how to format your press release
Avoid common press release writing mistakes

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press release
The press release is a manifestation of man’s desire to know the unknown, and to satisfy his innate need for knowledge, in which he feels secure, and helps him in a balanced adaptation to the circumstances in which he lives.

And if we can give it an accurate and comprehensive definition, then the press news is an accurate and unbiased description or report presented by the media of all kinds (printed, audio, visual) about an incident, fact, situation, idea, issue or activity, that arouses the interest of the mass media on Their differences (readers, listeners, viewers), and contribute to their awareness, education and entertainment.

Elements of a press release

There are several criteria or characteristics that determine the value of the press news, and play an important role in evaluating and judging the news. These elements can be identified as follows:

1 – instant, or current
Meaning that the news is fresh, new and current. News is a perishable material, and if all these qualities are not present in the press news, it becomes ordinary and does not carry the meaning of the news.


2- Honesty, accuracy, impartiality, and objectivity
All of this requires true and accurate reporting of the news and its facts, and although honesty is the general basic rule, this rule necessarily has exceptions, especially in situations that are related to the public interest, and which require not stating the whole truth, as in cases of epidemics and wars.

It is not wise in anything to publish news of epidemics, or defeats that cause panic among people, and accuracy is a factor that complements truthfulness, and the validity and truthfulness of the news can only be completed by being accurate in knowing the parties to the news, numbers, data and pictures.


3 – proximity
The press release must be rural in terms of location. The public is interested in the events that occur close to it, and the proximity may be psychological, so what happens to our children abroad is close to our souls, and therefore it confirms the publication or broadcast, no matter the distance.


4- Enormity in size or number
This does not mean exaggeration or exaggeration, but rather it means arousing the interest of the largest number of people, and this is linked to significance. For accidents, we look for the number of dead and wounded, for disasters, we look for the value and size of losses, and for matches, we look for the number of goals…etc.


5- Arouse the interest of the largest number of the audience
In the sense that the press release provokes the largest number of readers, listeners or viewers. This is like the events that provoke or stir human emotions such as love, sympathy, pity, hate or fear…etc.


6 – Weirdness or wit
Such as a child who is born on a flight, a man who bites a dog, and a businessman who decides to spend his vacation on the moon, all of which are characterized by excitement, strangeness, and wit.

7 – Fame
Be it the fame of people, places, or things that interest people.


8 – Conflict or competition
The media is interested in providing the masses with news of this kind, which deals with the struggle of humans, countries or disease, as well as the competition between candidates for a seat in Parliament, or the competition to achieve a sports championship…etc.


9 – suspense
It is considered one of the characteristics of good press news, and the element of suspense involves moving away from dry, abstract topics, and presenting it in an interesting and interesting manner that motivates the audience to follow it and learn about all its details and developments.


10 – Media policy
In the sense that publishing and broadcasting the news is consistent with the general policy followed by the media, including newspapers, magazines, agencies, radio and television…etc. Media policies are the ones that control the selection of news, in addition to publishing laws and publications.
In all cases, the press release is considered an answer to five questions that can cross the mind of any reader of the news, and they are:

– from ? It expresses the character or characters who made the story or the center of the story.

– where ? It indicates the place or arena in which the event occurred.

– what ? She asks what happened.

– when ? This is to indicate the time of the event or the news.

– Why ? It explains how the event occurred, its circumstances, and its circumstances.

When drafting the news, the editor chooses the most important of these elements according to the readers’ interests to present it first and then proceeds to list the rest of the elements. This method is known as the inverted pyramid.
Press Release Drafting Templates

There are many templates for drafting the news according to the nature and topic of the news, and the style that an experienced editor can follow, and we will show you the following some of these templates:


1 – The news story
This template is used on the basis of the nature of the news. It presents the facts, facts or events that are closely related. This template requires:

– Good luck in choosing the introduction as explained previously.

Arrange the facts according to their importance.

The link between these facts or facts – a homogeneous link so that the news comes out complete at the end of the matter.

Example :

Introduction – the first fact:

Today, 905 million male and female voters go to 15,000 electoral commissions in the first elections of its kind for the People’s Assembly to be held within the framework of the new political organizations that Egypt is witnessing.

The second fact:

The number of candidates in these elections has reached 1660 candidates, among whom are competing…

The third fact:

Of this number of candidates: 171 from the Liberal Socialist Organization (the right) and 527 from the…


2 – news story
The news story differs from the literary story, where the editor comes up with its basic idea, which lies in solving its knot at the forefront, then the events come in succession, while the writer hides the knot of his literary story and proceeds with its events little by little until the knot comes to an end.

The news story can be likened to a triangle that gradually narrows from the bottom, but within the scope of the hierarchical style that characterizes editing the news, and it is as follows:

The first paragraph: an introduction that represents a complete summary of the story.

Second paragraph: new details.

Third paragraph: more details.

And so the paragraphs go on, clarifying the new details one by one


Example :

Introduction – the story of the accident

The assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy among his guards in his presidential motorcade, while he was next to his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, in front of cameras and television in 1963, amazed the world. Everyone witnessed the death of the most powerful man in the world at that time.

new details

Then the world was surprised again by the assassination of the only suspect in the incident in front of the cameras as well, in the midst of a crowd of security men, by another killer who died of cancer before his retrial, so that the assassination remains a confusing mystery and inspiring many theories and ideas laden with different conspiracy theories.

more details

In a new attempt to reveal the dimensions of the incident, the American journalist writer Robert Talbot presented his new book, “The Devil’s Chessboard: Alan Dulles, the CIA, and the Emergence of America’s Secret Government,” a new vision for the side behind Kennedy’s murder, where he pointed the finger at the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, “C. IA”.


3 – The citation style in editing the press release
This form is based on quoting from the content of the statements or statements of the central figures of the news, statements or press interviews, which play an important role in people’s lives. The great summary of this speech with its explanation, interpretation and clarification for the readers.

Example :

Introduction – Summary

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced today, Monday, that his country aims to establish a safe zone in northern Syria to enable 4 million Syrians currently in Turkey to return to their country.

movable words

Erdogan said, during a founding meeting of the cooperation network of the Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that was held in Istanbul, that so far about 300,000 Syrians have returned to their lands that have been “cleansed of terrorists”, such as the cities of Azaz, Jarabulus, Al-Bab and Afrin, indicating that the establishment of A safe area in the Syrian lands opposite the southern borders of Turkey will be “a guarantee that the number of returnees will rise to the millions.”


Erdogan explained, as reported by the official Turkish “Anatolia” agency, that it is planned through this plan to ensure the return of 4 million Syrians to their homeland.

movable words

The Turkish president pledged: “We will achieve peace, stability and security in the region east of the Euphrates soon, just as we have achieved in other regions.”


4 – Composite style
It is the template taken by news with multiple events and important facts, of equal importance, and each part of which is an important part of the news, so the editor begins with a comprehensive introduction to the news and then deals with the different aspects of the news, each side after the other.

Example :

The leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council affirmed support for a political solution in Syria in accordance with the “Geneva 1” initiative, and in Yemen in accordance with the Gulf initiative, the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue, and UN Security Council Resolution 2216.

This came in the “Riyadh Declaration” issued at the conclusion of the 36th Gulf Summit, which concluded its work today, Thursday in Riyadh. The statement affirmed the GCC states’ keenness to support a political solution in Syria and Yemen, and called for a solution that guarantees Syria’s territorial integrity and independence in accordance with the principles of Geneva 1, as indicated – in At the same time – the importance of the Vienna Conference.

The statement supported the political solution in Yemen in accordance with the Gulf initiative and the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue, to enable Yemen to overcome its crisis, calling at the same time to prepare for an international conference for the reconstruction of Yemen after reaching the desired solution, rehabilitating the Yemeni economy and facilitating its integration into the Gulf economy.

The Riyadh statement stressed the persistence of the GCC states on their positions on Arab and international issues, and their determination to continue extending aid to the brothers to restore their stability and security, and affirmed the right of the Palestinian people to an independent state…


5 – Sequential news template
This template means news that lives for a long time and is expected by the newspapers over and over again…and these news are divided into three sections:

1 – The next news: It is the news that the newspaper expects to happen on a specific date.

2- Today’s news: It is the news that deals with a new and unexpected incident.

3- Continuous successive news: It is the news that newspapers deal with for a long period of time.


6 – Forms and templates imposed by the nature of events
These templates are used when the editor cannot know the latest developments of the news until a short period before printing, as the editor is forced not to adhere to one of the previously mentioned templates, and he may put the latest developments and important information at the end of the news.

As for the press release, there are four types of press release that will be mentioned in the following:[2] Analysis: It is that report that is based on the principle of presenting a deep and rooted vision of a great event, and this event must be supported with real facts and facts, in addition to its support with the opinions of experts mentioned by name and sources referred to in their name and known, Here, it is not necessary for this type to indicate the opinion of the majority, but rather the opinion that challenges the rest of the opinions and proves its worth. News: This type of report depends on the events taking place now, and the success of this report depends on the skill of the journalist and the nature of the report. This report is short-lived, as it does not last long. Investigations: As for this type of report, it differs from the news report in that it is not affected by current events, which leads to its lack of urgency. It relies on events, people and places that constitute an investigation of interest to a large number of readers. Opinion article: This type of report is written by specialists, and it usually expresses the political positions of this newspaper, and appears in the introduction to the articles and newspapers. Characteristics of the press report This article included a simplified explanation of the concept of the press report and its types, to reach the characteristics of the press report, which help it spread and distinguish its credibility.

newspapers and journalists have these characteristics, and failure to adhere to these points distorts the reputation of the newspaper and reduces its credibility. Among the characteristics of the press report are the following: [3] Honesty and authenticity: it is necessary to ensure the authenticity of the news and should not publish it unless its authenticity is confirmed, for sacrificing an uncertain news is better than It was later revealed that he lied. Accuracy: Journalists must be accurate in collecting and publishing the news, by publishing the full truth of the event without deleting any idea that might prejudice the meaning or result in a fact that contradicts the news. Objectivity: The news must not be distorted or the opinion of the journalist or newspaper appears during the publication of the news, but the newspaper must investigate honesty and objectivity during the publication of the press report, and if they want to publish their opinion, it will be included in a comment at the end of the news.


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