My Membership in Democratic Party

August 10, 2020

Dear yxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your contribution and for your application to join the Fairfax Democrats!

Please keep this contribution confirmation page for your records.
We’d like to remind you that your membership is pending until you are elected. For the FCDC reorganization taking place in early December 2019, you will be up for election at your district committee’s reorganization caucus (check our  for your district).

Should your membership not be approved, your dues will be refunded.

Contribution Information:
Contribution Confirmation ID: AExxxxxxxxxxx
Contribution Date: 11/22/2019 4:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
Contribution Amount: $XX.00

Contact Information:
yxxxxxx kx

Axxxxxx, VA 2xxxxx
United States
Credit Card Type: MasterCard


I have been member in the democratic for 2 rounds and it is not started Yasterday

thanks for the party , I voted in school election ,first direct practice the democracy that counts

this is to help to avoid any side talks

I believe this is the most important point to build credibility and trust

an important step because I will keep support till the Election day


enjoy exploring my website , nothing here you can worry about

I am bringing the source and some time I put comments on it

Thank you for your support

please share my website  with  everyone

I have another one  for MY faith and it is on separate website

I hope you like it

Thanks You