What are the causes of hatred?

October 7, 2020

The Source

I picked up these points

My theory is hate is an energy. Let’s call it the devil. So how does the devil gain control over a person? Well through lack of love, through pain, through abuse, through insecurities, through fear, through a mixture of experiences that compound these things. So, baby is born into an abusive home. The mom isn’t kind, hits, screams at yells and criticizes the kid.. for awhile the kid might feel hurt emotionally, but come to know saying anything about it creates further abuse. So in comes insecurities.. I’m not good enough to deserve to be loved, other people are better, or superiority, screw that, I’m better. Kid sees other kid at school and bullies and humiliates him because he enjoys the way it gives a rise to his emotional state.. He probably wouldn’t consciously think he hates the kid he hurts, but the emotional pain and way he was treated came out to play.. Fear_ envisioning another as a perceived threat to harm you or your family may get a person against violence of any kind to murder another person.. Insecurities and society’s standards of perfection_ if someone compared themselves to others they perceive as ideal and pinpoints every perceived flaw about themselves, they may hate themselves, and that may spill out onto others by affecting their behavior. Lack of self support, self love, self embrace because the opposite might be self criticism, self hate, self degradation which might spill out to affect someone else by treating them the same way. Those unwanted negative or painful thoughts that pop into your head might make you hurt, make you condemn, make you dislike your self or someone else.. I’d say it’s an emotional energy that’s starts out as thought and in the landscape of life experience, the thoughts it generates may create anger, pain, abuse, and blame.. Experiences and thoughts build beliefs, perceptions and actions.


2nd one

Hatred may sometimes be due to lack of communication or lack of trust between two or more people. A misunderstanding of sort and a failure of an explanation that follows after may be reasons why a person has the desire to hate. Other than that, a series of mistrust done towards said person who hates, may also lead to hatred. A series of harmful actions done towards said person, such as mentally-damaging teasing, insulting and bullying may also be reasons hatred is caused. Yet, at the end, all of these harmful actions are achieved due to a lack of communication between the two parties, therefore communication and trust is key to a healthy relationship without hatred.


let’s try to find a way to solve it