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January 16, 2021

Tea Party Patriots

Welcome to Tea Party Patriots, the largest grassroots Tea Party organization in America!

Since our founding in 2009 as a small group of people concerned with government overspending, we have grown to thousands of groups in all 50 states, territories, and even several countries around the world. We represent the views of millions of American patriots from all political parties and walks of life and we hope you will join us!

The only requirement to being a “Patriot”, or member of Tea Party Patriots, is your support of our core values. Are you already aligned with Tea Party Patriots Core Values? See the Our Vision Page for a comprehensive explanation of our Mission and Values. Read the news, articles, blogs, and comments posted by other Patriots on this site to gain a fuller understanding of the application of these principles to the issues that face our nation.

Tea Party Patriots Core Values:

  • Fiscal Responsibility – protecting your money
  • Constitutionally Limited Government – defending your freedom and your rights
  • Free Markets – providing the best opportunity for you and your family to succeed

Why YOU would want to be a Tea Party Patriot –

  1. Would you like to have more influence in realigning our Federal, State and Local Government with the US Constitution?
  2. Are you concerned about the financial health of our country?
  3. Would you like to see America remain the best and most competitive free market in the world?
  4. Would you like to associate with like-minded people?
  5. Do you want to remain informed about what is happening in America today and where we are headed?
  6. Other Reasons?

What makes Tea Party Patriots different from other tea party organizations?

Tea Party Patriots is a true grassroots organization. It was created by American citizens to represent us with a collective voice in order to influence the decisions of elected and appointed government officials at all levels of government. We are a ‘Bottom-Up’ organization. This is what makes an organization this large unique. At the national level, we do not affiliate with political parties, PACs, or special interests. Tea Party Patriots focuses on the issues that affect us.

Most individual members either join or form local Tea Party Patriot groups. Each group operates independently but in alignment with TPP’s core values. Tea Party Patriot groups engage in local, state and national issues. The leaders of local groups are called Local Coordinators. Within a state there are many Local Coordinators – typically dozens to hundreds – depending on the size of the state.

The members of these groups are the grassroots that form the basis and strength of our organization and our movement.

At the state level, TPP has State Coordinators. There are generally one or two State Coordinators in each state. These people serve the local grassroots groups, support them with tools and technology needed to address local issues, listen to your voices, gather your ideas, and together foster the communication that helps shape the overall direction of our national movement.

At the national level, there are National Coordinators. National Coordinators support both the Local and State Coordinators. Currently, there are about a half-dozen National Coordinators. These National Coordinators tend to specialize in different areas such as national legislative issues, state issues, meetings, protests and demonstrations, new members, etc. For administrative and development purposes, there are members of the National Support Team. These people coordinate efforts such as Constitution education, member training and day-to-day operations of an organization which numbers in the millions. Tea Party Patriots is structured as a non-profit, 501(c)(4) organization. We are largely a volunteer corps that relies on donations for its operating capital.

Getting Involved: There are two ways to get involved with TPP.

  1. Become a Patriot. Register as an individual then join an existing TPP affiliated group.


  1. Start your own Tea Party Patriots Local Group. If there is no group in your area that meets your needs and/or you would prefer to start a Tea Party Patriots Group.

Becoming a Patriot is easy and it allows you to become as involved as you like in local, state and national issues. Follow the steps below and in minutes you can be active and connected with a group near you. The process for joining a group is simple:

  • Register as an individual Tea Party Patriot Member.
  • In upper right corner of the site, Click the “Join” button
  • On the Create Account page fill out secured information as requested.
  • We only request your name, email address and zip code. We need your email address to send you a confirmation to complete your registration. We use your zip code to provide you with the names of groups in your area.
  • You must also create your own username and password to secure your account.
  • When you click ‘Submit’, you will be sent an email to confirm your account. You must reply to this email to complete your account creation.

Once Registered, Click on ‘Groups’ then choose your state and look for something local to you.

  • Get on the mailing list(s) or ‘join’ the group or groups you find interesting.
  • Get in touch with the organizer of the group and ask how you can get involved.
  • If you are not contacted within 48 hours of joining the group or mailing list by a Tea Party Patriots Member, call or email Tea Party Patriots Support or click on “Groups” to look up your state coordinator and get in touch with them
  • You can visit one (or more) groups to find a nice fit. Consider starting a group if there are none close by or the group(s) does not fit you. See # 2 in this document for details.
  • Get involved in the group. Step up to leadership, filling needs in the group if inclined.
  • Encourage others you know to go with you and or join TPP and or your group or organization (send invite links to your friends and family)
  • Educate yourself on our Mission Statement and Core Values.
  • “Like” our Facebook Page. www.facebook.com/teapartypatriots
  • Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/TPPatriots
  • Browse our educational programs and participate in programs of interest.
  • Stay active and informed in local state and national government.
  • Attend a meeting, educational program, demonstration or event.

Start your own Tea Party Patriots Local Group

  • On our web site, click the ‘Join’ button on the home page and become an individual member.
  • Educate yourself on our Mission Statement and Core Values.
  • Browse the website and get as involved as you like In whatever you are interested in.
  • Visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/teapartypatriots and ‘Like’ us. Visit and post as often as you like.
  • Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/TPPatriots.
  • From the home page, click on groups. Then click on the state that you have registered in, and see what groups, individuals, and interests are represented in your state. To form a new group, click the “Create a Group” button. Follow the prompts to name your group and fill out your contact information.
  • Once you have registered your group online:
    • You will get a call from the state coordinator to help you with any details that remain, and to welcome you to TPP!
    • Continue being active in your community, state and nation – standing for the founding principles that made America the greatest nation on the planet!
  • Encourage others to join TPP as individuals and your group. (send invite links to your friends, acquaintances and family)
  • Educate yourself on our core values. (Do you know what they are?)
  • Consider the educational opportunities that exist within TPP to further your effectiveness and impact. See our Resources page for more information