(allthatisinteresting)What Does the Tea Party Stand for in Politics?

January 16, 2021


What does the tea party stand for in politics? When referred to in the political sense, a tea party is not a polite gathering of individuals with a common interest in Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong, it is a coalition of political groups with a common set of core values. Members of the tea party coalition do not endorse any one party; they see themselves as ordinary people who are standing together as a united voice against all elected officials.

The tea party is a grass roots movement based on a number of principles and ideals in American politics. Members of the tea party come from all walks of life, political backgrounds and income brackets, and tea party individuals are all U.S. citizens who strongly believe in the principles of the Founding Fathers. Fed up with a succession of Democrat and Republican governments, the Tea Party patriots believe that the Constitution was created by the Founding Fathers to limit the control of the government and that a stricter interpretation of its content is the key to financial recovery.


What does the Tea Party stand for in politics?

There are a number of core issues at the root of tea party political beliefs, all of which relate to the boundaries set forth in the Constitution. Finances and spending is a major issue and the tea party believes that imposing ever increasing taxes on ordinary working Americans is not the answer to the country’s financial woes. They think that spending cuts rather than tax increases will help balance the national budget.

The tea party feels that excessive taxation kills the prosperity of the people. Both Democrats and Republicans have applied taxes whilst in power and although the tea party feels that certain individuals are genuinely concerned about their constituents, the majority are more concerned about protecting their own congressional positions.

Members of the tea party are also concerned that high levels of national debt will cripple future generations.

The tea party believes people need to take responsibility for their finances and if such individuals fall on hard times due to irresponsibility and failure, it should not be down to the government to bail them out.

Members of the tea party are concerned that today’s governments have lost their way and no longer adhere to the principles of the Founding Fathers of America. They feel that too many elected members of Congress are arrogant and self-serving, and the government is less concerned about the wishes of the people than they are about pushing through unpopular bills and proposals.

By refreshing the American people as to the original content of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers, members of the tea party believe that ordinary people will gain a greater understanding of what they are actually entitled to as opposed to what the politicians are telling them they can have. The tea party think this will help to restore a greater degree of rationality to the elective and legislative process